Salicylic Acid 30% Beta Hydroxy Peel

Salicylic Acid 30% 30ml pH 3.1 chemical peel solution. Great peel for treating acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging. Contains enough solution for 15 peels
Salicylic Acid 30% Beta Hydroxy PeelSalicylic Acid 30% Beta Hydroxy Peel
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Salicylic acid is a very popular beta-hydroxy acid used in many anti-acne and anti-aging products. It is a very effective pore cleanser and a peeling agent due to its lipophilic chemistry. Because salicylic acid is fat soluble, it is able to penetrate sebum filled follicles and clogged pores. This makes it an ideal agent for acne prone skin.



When used in higher concentrations in chemical peels, salicylic acid helps control acne breakouts, reduces discolouration, improves sun damages skin, and results in an over-all healthier looking appearance. In addition to that, salicylic peels also provide the typical anti-aging effect, similar to glycolic peels. Overall, salicylic acid based peels are perfect for people with oily and acne prone skin.







salicylic acid home based chemical peel








     Instructions: Salicylic Peel 30%


Prepare a neutralizing solution with 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 cup of water in a small bowl.  This solution will be used to deactivate the peel. 
Clean your skin thoroughly and rinse well.
Wipe rubbing alcohol over your face to remove all oil. Allow to air dry.
Apply a thick and even layer of salicylic acid solution with a small brush. Leave a 2mm margin between the edge of your eyes and the peel. 


Allow the peel to remain on your skin for 2-10 minutes, depending on your tolerance.  You can fan your face or use a blow-dryer on cool setting.  For the first time users, do not leave it on for more than 1 minute.
Wash your face with the prepared baking soda solution in order to neutralize the peel.
Rinse your face with cool water and gently pat it dry.  You should feel no stinging at this point.  Stinging indicates that the product is still active on your skin, and this can result in a burn. 
Apply you typical moisturizer as usual.  When going out, avoid too much sun exposure and wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.
Your face may be a slightly red for a day after the peel, but this will quickly fade and you will see the results develop over the next 7 days as the skin sheds off. The shedding process is not usually noticeable, unlike with a stronger peel. 
This procedure can be repeated every 7-14 days for a series of 5-6 peels








+1 #8 Miss. J 2015-03-12 01:54
Highly recommend this product. I purchased it to use on my teenager, we saw results with in two weeks. Her confidence improved and she stopped wearing bangs (which only made the acne worse). Highly recommend. The longest I had it on her face was five minutes.
+1 #7 wendy crawford 2015-03-10 02:41
I have been using this product to fade acne scarring. I took a selfie of my face prior to my skin journey and have used it to gage my progress. The comparison of that photo to now show I'm getting the results I wanted...fading marks. I started off applying the product for the least suggest time and I'm have been careful not to use it too often. The peels along with moisturizers have been very helpful in clearing up my skin.
+1 #6 laura 2015-03-10 02:40
First time doing a at home peel. Was a good burn..after all the drying and peeling I could see a difference..jus t be ready for the ugly looking skin you have to deal with for a few days after the peel...
+1 #5 anon 2015-03-10 02:39
Be sure to follow the instructions exactly. The product works great. But it will burn your face if you do not follow the instructions
+1 #4 demetra 2015-03-10 02:38
This has helped my skin wonders and it's so cheap!! I don't have any redness or irritation after and the peeling isn't extremely noticeable but you do see results!!
+1 #3 julie smith 2015-03-10 02:38
Very strong, & stings your face, but so worth the results.
+1 #2 anros 2015-03-10 02:37
Works great! I have only used this product once so far but there was a very noticeable reduction in my pore size and sunspots. I am very excited to use it again.
+1 #1 angela 2015-03-10 02:37
product works! be extra careful around eye area stay 1/4inch away because skin VERY SENSITIVE! my skin is sooo smooth after 1st treatment

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