Glycolic Acid 50% Fruit Acid Peel

Glycolic Acid 50% 30ml pH 2.0 chemical peel solution. Fruit Acid Peel for removing small wrinkles and sun spots. Contains enough glycolic acid solution for 15 peels.
Glycolic Acid 50% Fruit Acid PeelGlycolic Acid 50% Fruit Acid Peel
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Glycolic acid an Alpha Hydroxy Acid or a Fruit Acid. It is probably the best product you can buy in UK for acne treatments as well as anti-aging. It can be applied to skin in concentrations ranging from 5% to 70%, depending on the frequency of use. The level of acidity is determined by the product used.  Most chemical peels solutions use glycolic acid with concentration ranging from 25% to 70%.


For anti-aging purposes, it is best to start with 50% glycolic acid concetration. It works great for skin blemishes, sun spots, and small wrinkles. Usually, a person would need 5-6 treatments (chemical peels) in order to see a noticeable result.  



If a 50% glycolic acid solution is well tolerated, a person can move up to a 70%  glycolic  solution. The more concentrated solutions are better suited for deeper wrinkles and acne scars. Glycolic peel’s effectiveness depends on the concentration and the duration of the actual peel. However, it is usually advised not to leave the chemical peel solution for longer than 10 minutes


After the actual glycolic peel,  your skin can be a little pink. There might also be some faint blotches or some discolouration, but they should fade within a week or so. It is also not advised to perform glycolic peels during pregnancy, open herpes sores, or any kind open skin wounds.  So if you would like to buy glycolic acid solution and do a chemical peel at home, don't be afraid.  It is very safe.






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Instructions: Glycolic Acid 50% Peel

Prepare a neutralizing solution with 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 cup of water in a small bowl.  This solution will be used to deactivate the peel. 

Clean your skin thoroughly and rinse well.

Wipe rubbing alcohol over your face to remove all oil. Allow to air dry.

Apply a thick and even layer of glycolic acid solution with a small brush. Leave a 2mm margin between the edge of your eyes and the peel. 


Allow the peel to remain on your skin for 2-10 minutes, depending on your tolerance.  You can fan your face or use a blow-dryer on cool setting.  For the first time users, do not leave it on for more than 1 minute.

Wash your face with the prepared baking soda solution in order to neutralize the peel.

Rinse your face with cool water and gently pat it dry.  You should feel no stinging at this point.  Stinging indicates that the product is still active on your skin, and this can result in a burn. 

Apply you typical moisturizer as usual.  When going out, avoid too much sun exposure and wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.

Your face may be a slightly red for a day after the peel, but this will quickly fade and you will see the results develop over the next 7 days as the skin sheds off. The shedding process is not usually noticeable, unlike with a stronger peel. 

This procedure can be repeated every 7-14 days for a series of 5-6 peels













+1 #14 Amy 2015-08-27 09:07
My face is glowing!!! I love this stuff!!

I've been going to professionals for glycolic peels until a friend of mine told me about buying it online. Ummm I bought it and used it right away. It does burn somewhat. I didn't leave it for too long. I used baking soda to neutralize the acid and my face was a little red for awhile. It even started peeling a little. A week after this peel, my skin is absolutely glowing!!
+2 #13 jen 2015-07-13 20:20
This is pretty much the same glycolic acid you would get at the derm's office. so you've had a glycolic peel done there you would know what to expect.
0 #12 M.Steff 2015-03-15 00:31
This peel has really helped to smooth out my face. It stings a bit more then the 25% and I did burn a small pach on my face the second time I used it, but it does not leave any down time to recover. It takes up to 3 days to really see the results after you use it, but I'm really like it.
0 #11 Julie 2015-03-12 01:55
Stings at first, but I'm getting used to it. Spots on my back after four uses are significantly fading. So far so good. I'm waiting to see what happens in a few more months
0 #10 anna 2015-03-10 02:58
Be careful! Worked great but only had it on for a short time before I saw frosting. Clean off quickly when or if you see frosting. Skin scabed over and was looking normal in 5 days. I had bad acne and this was a great temporary fix. Skin was clear and soft after just one application. Took away light scars and lightened my bad scars, great product.
+1 #9 angie 2015-03-10 02:58
Been only a week and I notice difference already. Its a bit too strong so be careful and do not over use it. I have a sensitive skin so I use it only every alternate day and works for me this way. Good luck
0 #8 none 2015-03-10 02:57
So far i have done this peel twice. IT BURNS. The first time i did it only for about 1 min. The second time I did for 5 min. Will slowly build my self up to the full 10 min. My skin was dry and flaky for about 3 to 5 days after the peel. Nothing serious. After the 5 days my skin felt and looked great. I love that I can do this at home. I have some acne scars and hope to see more improvement over the next 6 peels. Over all very happy with this product.
0 #7 shelly johns 2015-03-10 02:42
Love the quality and efficacy.

Start slow with a lower % if inexperienced, but for peel veterans, this is a fabulous mid-level one. Personally I will probably never go to a higher concentration. This is safe and effective for me, and I like that there is virtually no peeling or flaking afterwards.
0 #6 tiffany 2015-03-10 02:35
Seems to work pretty well... makes my skin feel nice and smooth.... received it on time
0 #5 lizza 2015-03-10 02:35
Excellent. I have been using an alpha lipoic acid already plus a retinol so my skin was primed to use. Have only used it 2 times and had no.problems at all. I just make sure I follow directions. I also read online more information so I was sure to use correctly and safely. I have had no problems using. Love it.

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